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Pokemon and Final Fantasy unite in this RPG


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Super Pokemon Evee Edition is a turn-based combat role-playing game that combines some of the best elements of the genre's two most important franchises: Pokemon and Final Fantasy.

The game is set in the world of Pokemon, three years after the hero from the first game was proclaimed champion of the Pokemon League. Your hero, who starts the adventure without any Pokemon, doesn't get far before finding a very special Evee, who has the ability to change its evolution at will.

Now, although the game is set in the Pokemon universe and uses the same graphics, its combat system is much more similar to Final Fantasy. Combats use the famous 'active time battle system' seen in the Final Fantasy saga up to the era of Playstation 2.

So, you can have up to four Pokemon fighting simultaneously against your enemies, including of course the powerful Evee, along with three others that you obtain.

In the world of Super Pokemon Evee Edition, you don't catch Pokemon in the traditional way (using pokeballs), rather you obtain them by defeating a corrupted version of the Pokemon, or another character gives one to you.

Super Pokemon Evee Edition is the perfect mix between the Pokemon and Final Fantasy universes. Not only does it have a interesting storyline and many hours of gameplay, but it also includes an achievement system and various secondary missions to keep you busy.
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